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Used Carbon Steel Tanks


Used Carbon Steel Tanks
12,500, 14,500, 17,000, 19,000 and 20,000 Gallons.
All tanks have heater coils in them.

Item 369

8 carbon steel tanks
13' diameter by 42' tall
41,000 gallons
Last held 28% fertilizer
New in 2005

Item 370
Three (3) Steel Tanks

10,500 gallon nominal capacity
10’ Dia x18’ Height 19' OAT
1/4 inch bottom 3/16 shell 10 gauge top

10,500 gallon nominal capacity

Item 344
Truck Tankers - 2,600 gallons each

ITEM 380

1,000 Gallon UL-142 Doublewall Skid Mounted Tank.
47 inch diameter by 144 inches, painted green.

FOB Robinson, Illinois

Item 360A

12' diameter
55' tall
Last held granular sugar at a candy company.
Interior coated
60˚ cone
Located in Robinson, IL 62454

Item 349
10,000 gallons
Steel tank incase in concrete

Item 32
6,000 gallons approximately enclosed tank building









Welcome to D & K Tanks

At D & K Tanks, we’re proud to be one of the biggest providers of steel tanks for sale, while also carrying other necessary industrial products to meet the needs of our clients.  D & K Tanks is known in the industry for the outstanding quality and variety of our new and used storage tanks, which are also offered at a better pricing than you will find anywhere else.  We have a large variety of storage tanks to meet any need.  The inventory of D & K Tanks includes pressure tanks, aluminum tanks, fiberglass tanks, diesel tanks, water storagetanks, and stainless steel tanks.  We offer more than this as well, to make the lives of our clients more efficient and easier.  In addition to the storage tanks we have for sale, D & K Tanks also provides pressure vessels, concrete barriers, large diameter pipes, top-end culvert materials, high-performance farm items, fertilizer storage, and much, much more.  We strive to keep all of our products at a price reasonable for our clients.

Steel storage tanks are not an item that you want to buy from just anybody. Shop D & K Tanks, and rest assured that you are getting the best in storage tanks, for the lowest price around.

D & K Tanks are a proud provider of quality culverts, piping material, pressure vessels, carbon steel storagetanks, silos, stainless steel tanks, and fertilizer storage.  We also have a selection of used tanks available for purchase (note: there is no warranty on used items.  They are sold as is.)

Our Inventory Changes daily, so check back often to see what we are selling today.
Now is the time to start thinking about your fertilizer storage.
We off a large variety of used tanks and new unused tanks.
All used item are sold as is, where is. There is no express warranties, or implied warranty on our used items or used tanks.

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