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30,000 Gallon Tanks SKU433

30,000 Gallon Tanks SKU433

SKU: 433

30,000 Gallon tanks

29,600 gallon nominal capacity 11’-11” OD x 35’0” H  tank.  
Vertical Cylindrical Atmospheric Single Wall Welded Steel Storage Tank, each designed, manufactured, tested and name-plated in accordance with all applicable provisions of Specification ANSI/UL-142 fabricated of HR mild CS plate with 5/16” nominal flat flanged bottom, 1/4" nominal cylinder and 3/16" thick slightly coned flanged top, each tank furnished with bare steel interior, exterior primed only and each furnished complete as noted following.
1- 24” ID CS manway in cylinder.
1- 10” ID (or 8” ID per UL Req.) Adaptor Flange (TDC: emergency vent). Vent supplied by others.
1- 4” FNPT CS half-coupling TDC normal vent with mushroom cover.
2- 4” 150# RFSO CS flanged openings in cylinder inlet/outlet.
2- 1” FNPT T304 SS half-couplings in cylinder for gauge line.
3- CS lifting eyes.

We hand apply Sherwin Williams Uniflex (Non-Fibered Asphalt Emulsion) to the exterior bottom of our tank.

The tanks are pressure tested as per ANSI UL-142 specs for air test. The tanks were completely sealed, air was then introduced, 1 to 1.5 pounds and a solution was placed on all welds and fitting to test for leaks.

Tanks have a 1 year warranty.

Call for pricing. Subject to prior sale.

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