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Vertical and Horizontal Cylindrical Atmospheric Welded Steel Storage. Single & Double Wall. In sizes up to 14’ diameter by 50’ OAL and up to 50,000 gallons.  Standard configuration: Fabricated of HR mild CS (ASTM-A36) plate or Stainless Steel: 5/16” THK flat flanged bottom, 1/4” THK Cylinder, & 3/16” THK flanged top (slightly coned). Unit furnished with bare steel interior, exterior shop-coat primer (spray applied), and complete as noted:


1- 24” ID manway (cylinder).

2- 4” 150# RFSO flanged openings inlet/outlet (Cylinder: 1 RFSO w/ 90° turndown).

1- 4” NPT CS half-coupling (Top: with free-flow mushroom vent).

2- 1” NPT SS half-couplings (Cylinder: High / Low in shell with clips for customer supplied gauge line). 

3- lift eyes & 2- tailing eyes.


We pride ourselves on our flanged bottoms and SAW process of tank construction.


Flanged Bottom

The construction of our bottom includes a one and a half inch (nominal) flange. This enables for both an exterior and an interior weld between the tank bottom and first wrap of the tank. This dual weld allows for a deeper penetrating weld, a stronger base, and reduced potential of failure.


Welding Practices / Submerged Arc

We take pride in our workmanship. Our process of tank construction includes both an exterior and an interior weld between the tank bottom and first wrap and each wrap seam. Furthermore, all the exterior seam welds utilize the submerged arc welding process (SAW) – Welds produced on a SAW are sound, uniform, ductile, corrosion resistant, and deep penetrating. This dual weld approach to tank construction allows for deeper penetrating welds and greatly reduces the potential for failure.


Tanks have a One year warranty.  Custom designed by quote request.

Sub Arc Weld Examples

Seam Sub Arc Weld
Head Sub Arc Weld

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