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New Carbon Steel Tanks

New Carbon Steel Tanks

New Unused Carbon Steel Tanks
We carry instock ready for delivery 10,000, 15,000 and 30,000 gallon UL-142 Labeled tanks.

Item 161 - 30,000 gallons - 143″ outside diameter x 35′ High, 36 feet overall.
Item 162 - 15,000 gallons - 11’11” outside diameter x 18′ High, 19 feet overall.
Item 163 - 10,000 gallons - 11'11" outside diameter x 12′ High, 13 feet overall.


UL-142 Labeled Tank, Vertical Cylindrical Atmospheric Welded Steel Storage Tank 5/16” thick flat flanged bottom head, flange height is 1-1/2″ approximate.


The sides are manufactured using 1/4″ thick material from the bottom ring to the top.

Standard roof thickness is 3/16″.


Designed, fabricated, tested and name-plated in accordance with all applicable provisions of specification ANSI / UL 142.


Manufactured of Hot Rolled mild Carbon Steel plate (Certified A36).


Furnished complete with:
1 – 24″ round heavy manway in the lower cylinder, 36″ center from ground.
1- 10” ID (or 8” ID per UL Req.) Adaptor Flange (TDC: emergency vent). Vent supplied by others.
1 – 4” Mushroom Vent
2 – 1″ Stainless Steel Half-Couplings top and bottom of cylinder for gauging with clips
2 – 4″ RFSO Flange (inlet or outlet). One turned down to with in 1-1/2" of bottom.

3 lifting eyes.
Tailing Eyes
Bare steel interior.
All of our tanks come standard with enamel primer over mill surface.
Exterior bottoms are coated with black asphaltum.

The tanks are pressure tested as per ANSI UL-142 specs for air test. The tanks were completely sealed, air was then introduced,
1 to 1.5 pounds and a solution was placed on all welds and fitting to test for leaks.

Tanks have a 1 year warranty.


Call for pricing. Subject to prior sale. 

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