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Stainless Steel Liquid Storage Tanks

Stainless Steel Liquid Storage Tanks

DK Tanks & Pipe Flat Bottom Stainless Steel Tanks are a tested and trusted solution for liquid fertilizer storage in farming or commercial operations. Providing secure and proven storage, DK Tanks & Pipe Stainless Steel Flat Bottom Tanks offer an efficient solution for on-site or on-farm commodity storage, delivering cost savings with seasonal reductions in fertilizer prices.


Constructed with 304 grade stainless steel, these flat bottom tanks undergo a thorough wash and treatment process, followed by back welding interior seams and comprehensive pressure testing. DK Tanks & Pipe Stainless Steel Tanks are equipped with user-friendly liquid sight gauges, a 24” manway for convenient access, and other premium features that meet the high standards expected from the DK Tanks & Pipe lineup of Flat Bottom Stainless Steel fertilizer and chemical storage tanks

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